A Peek Inside a 19th Century, Parisian Apartment

As a tourist, or even a local, you will often find yourself gazing up at the formidable apartments that line the great boulevards of Paris with their heavy, ornate doors. Very rarely, however, do you get to see inside one of them. I have been fortunate enough to dine at local Parisienne Florence’s luxury Parisian apartment.


It was a soirée of fine wine and great company, but the real star of the evening was the apartment itself. Dating back to the 19th century, and with many original features, our hostess Florence’s home was spectacular to behold. The golden mouldings that spread across the ceiling and down the walls were in the same vein as those in Versailles. Which basically made me Marie-Antoinette. Through the ceiling-to-floor windows you could peer down at the goings-on below, as we were only a stone’s throw away from the Champs-Elysées.


As Florence poured our champagne (the only fitting accompaniment to an evening in a luxury French apartment), I realised that our hostess was Parisienne through-and-through. She told us that her family had lived in Paris for the last two centuries. Even the champagne we were drinking was from her own family’s vineyard.


Although the living room was the real pièce de résistance, the rest of Florence’s apartment was just as charming; it even included a hidden door ! Walking through the hallway we were told to just ‘push the wall’ to access the toilet, making the whole wall spin around, revealing a beautiful water closet.


Florence made us a wonderful French feast to eat while we gazed at her gilt mirrors and nineteenth-century woodworks which made the evening a treat for all the senses. And although it may have only been for one evening, taking a look inside a luxury Paris apartment was a wonderful insight into how the French ‘other half’ live. Just take a look around her wonderful apartment in the photos below, and comment whether this is something you would like to experience in Paris!




This blog post’s featured image (the one at the top) was taken by Petite in Paris, who I had the pleasure of dining with that fine evening! Check out her blog for fashion-based content, and stunning views of the capital. 

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