Vintage Shopping in Le Marais

“When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you’re not just buying the fabric and thread – you’re buying a piece of someone’s past.”

There is something I love about shopping for vintage pieces, the thrill of finding something beautiful and it fitting you is too much temptation to ignore. Being from London I have been spoilt by the sheer number of retro and vintage boutiques- but Paris does not disappoint, in fact it’s actually A LOT cheaper than anything slapped with a “vintage” price tag in London.

Le Marais is a painfully trendy district of Paris, with a whole host of vintage shops, or fripperies as they are called here in France. Coiffeur Vintage is arguably the most famous vintage shop in Paris, and certainly my favourite. It may be small, but they’ve made the most of every square metre, covering it from floor to ceiling in sequins, flannel and leather. Plus it’s completely affordable. Prices for scarves are only around €3, for dresses it varies a little between €10-15 – definitely cheaper than the other boutiques in the Marais like Maje or Sandro.


Although, if you’re looking for vintage Chanel or YSL then Coiffeur Vintage is probably not for you. You won’t have to stray far though as luxury vintage is still available in the Marais neighbourhood. Just try out Come on Eileen or Free ‘P’ Star for higher end vintage (although, expect a higher-end price tag too!) The best time for vintage shopping is definitely during the week if you can, as weekends can get rather busy.


After you’ve had your shopping fix and you’re feeling peckish head over to L’As du Falafel for some critically acclaimed middle-eastern food and imagine all the glamorous parisiennes that previously had your purchases in their wardrobes!


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2 thoughts on “Vintage Shopping in Le Marais

  1. Ooh thanks for sharing! I haven’t been vintage shopping here yet, but will definitely check out Coiffeur next time I’m in the Marais! ^_^ I’m obsessed with scarves and at 3 euros I’d probably go crazy hahaha

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