4 Movies you Didn’t Know were French Remakes

Hollywood is known for dipping into the world of Asian cinema when in need of a new horror movie, but a lot less is known about the remakes that were originally set in La France. Try watching both of them and see which one you prefer!

1. True Lies


Hollywood honcho James Cameron’s movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis appears to be a very American affair with its level of action and guns. However, the movie is actually based on France’s film from 1991 La Totale! Apparently,  the Titanic director bought the rights to the French version and killed it, making  sure True Lies would be the only one on the movie market.


2. Three Men and a Baby


The 80s classic starring Tom Selleck (or Richard-from-Friends as I call him) is actually based on the French film Trois Hommes et un Couffin (translation: Three Men and a Cradle). However, it is not just the movie’s name that has benefitted from Hollywood’s helping hand. The plot has undergone some changes in the way the baby’s mother, the police and the “Three Men” are treated. There is also the important addition of shoulder pads and Tom Selleck’s moustache.


3. Twelve Monkeys


Who would have thought that this futuristic sci-fi starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis was based on a 28 minute collection of stills from 1962, titled La Jetée. This isn’t entirely a ‘remake’ as the original is constructed almost entirely of still photos, but the Twelve Monkeys’s director has noted being heavily influenced by the 60s black and white creation. Unlike its remake, the British Film Institute deemed La Jetée as the 50th greatest film of all time.


4. Dinner for Schmucks


This 2010 comedy centres around a dinner party ‘game’, who can bring the biggest idiot as their guest. The original version was released in France in 1998, and is held dear by the French. Dinner for Schmucks does not live up to its original in quality nor esteem.


Let me know your favourite Hollywood remakes of movies in the comments below!


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9 thoughts on “4 Movies you Didn’t Know were French Remakes

  1. The relatively awesome movie “La Femme Nikita” by Luc Besson was memorable with Anne Parillaud. It was forgetably remade as “Point of No Return” starring Bridget Fonda.


      1. We have a channel here in Australia called World Movies, thats where I watch them all 🙂 You might think this funny, was watching a French movie with subtitles and had sound, someone spoke and I said can you be quiet I can’t hear the tv. lol

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