My April Favourites!

I am aware that we are already eating our way through May (and surging towards my 25th birthday *sobs*) so I hope it’s not too late to get a post out there on some products that I couldn’t get enough of during the month of April! Before any more time can pass me by I’ll get started:

Mary-Lou Manizer | The Balm


I’ve been looking for a nice highlighter and I was recommended the Mary-Lou Manizer, which was readily available in my local Monoprix for around €20. It’s available in 3 shades, one of which is too dark for me and the other has a more pinkish tone, which is pretty but not what I was looking for. The one I went for works really well and looks lovely on, without being too much. I really love this highlighter and you get a lot of it for your money- So it should last!

Sexy Mother Pucker | Soap and Glory

sexymotherpucker (1)

This is a very neutral, almost clear, lip gloss. I love my matte lipsticks but have recently been reaching for glossy finishes more and more, largely thanks to the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss that I got in Boots in the UK for around £7. The one pictured is in the shade “Charm Offensive”, I’ll definitely grab some more colours when I am next in Boots though as I think they are great. The claim is that the gloss contains a “3D plump” to make lips look bigger. Upon application you will get a weird tingly feeling, but once you get used to that you will notice that your lips definitely do look bigger! I often use this as a step in my “lip plumping” routine.

Nutri-Extrême Richesse masque | Dessange


If you follow me on Instagram (do it!) you will have seen me post about my recent hair mask purchase. I’ve used this a couple of times now and it definitely helps my hair feel less frizzy and dry after application. It won’t repair your hair, but it helps the look and feel of it after use. The smell is really nice, it’s quite a strong creamy/perfume smell, as opposed to the normal floral or fruity smells shampoos and masks seem to have. Let me know if there are any hair masks that you would recommend in the comments below- I’d love to check them out.

Rêve de Miel | Nuxe


If you read my French Pharmacy Beauty Haul post, you will have seen this little gem amongst my purchases. I usually apply this before I go to sleep at night, and I wake up with the lips of an angel. It’s quite heavy-duty stuff, which is great if you have chapped lips, but it’s quite thick for everyday use. I really love it, I had very dry lips when coming back from Budapest (thanks to my boyfriend insisting we kept the air-con in our hotel on constantly) and this stuff fixed that up within a day. It feels like velvet to put on and smells very nice too!

My Ghost Pandora charm | Pandora


Not much to say about this, I actually bought it for myself on ebay because I thought it was so cute! I love horror films and anything scary/paranormal so I thought it was very apt.

Eastend Snob Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner| Rimmel


I use this lip liner ALL. THE. TIME. It’s a great dupe for MAC’s Soar liner (although it probably doesn’t last as long). I pair it with MAC Brave, it’s my favourite daytime lip combo at the moment. Another thing I love is that you don’t need a sharpener with this pencil, you just twist it for more product. Which is great for a serial sharpener-misplacer like myself.

Tiramisu for Two | O.P.I


This is a gorgeous neutral nail varnish colour. I find that nude nail varnishes normally lean towards pink tones, but not this one! Plus it’s a perfect nude for my skin tone. I love never having to worry whether my nail varnish will clash with my outfit.

Let me know your April favourites in the comments below, or feel free to link me to your own April favourites blog post!




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4 thoughts on “My April Favourites!

  1. I agree, May is going past so quick! I love the Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss, a rare product that does exactly what it says on the box. Would you recommend the Dessange Hair mask for fine hair? or would it weigh it down?

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