How to Be More Productive When Working from Home


Many people spend their lives avoiding or cursing the 9 to 5 office job and dream of being free from corporate restraints. Some of you, therefore, may consider me lucky as my job as a social media marketer and freelance writer allows me to work from home. Home being, for me, my tiny studio in Paris…

Although there is no stressful commute, no office politics or even Monday morning blues, working from home does present its own challenges. Here are some top tips that I have learnt along the way to work or study from home effectively. Let me know your own methods for staying on track in the comments below!

Treat it Like a Normal Job


As tempting as a lie in can be, get up in the morning at a decent time, this helps to avoid working until late to make up the hours. I like to help give my work day some structure, my current routine is 9-5. For me this means getting up at 8, and without a commute to do I have time to have a shower, eat breakfast in front of Netflix and psyche myself up for the day ahead. Treating working from home as you would any normal job also means getting dressed. It’s OK to have some lazy yoga pants days, but in general I like to get up, wear something nice and put on some makeup. It helps me get in the right frame of mind.

Choose a Dedicated Work Space…And Keep it Tidy!

workingfromhomeb (1)

So this one wasn’t too difficult for me. In the 25m2 that I have to play with, I decided that my work space would be…the only table I have in the only room there is in my tiny studio apartment! The only rule to finding your dedicated working space is…It cannot be in front of the TV! Being able to separate work from your personal life is really important because it helps you switch off once the day is over and prevents checking work emails late into the evening. Having a clear space is also conducive to a good day’s work, a clear desk is a sign of a clear mind. According to a study conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, having lots of visual stimuli (i.e: all the crap on your desk) within eyesight distracts the brain, making it harder to focus on your work.

Get Out of the House


Make sure you take a lunch break and use it as an excuse to pop into your local coffee house, or take a walk. Breaking up the day can help you motor on in the afternoon and increase your productivity. Plus having some exercise, like a little walk, is a welcomed addition to a day normally spent going from the bed to the desk (which for me is a matter of about 4 steps).

Work Elsewhere


Changing your work environment can help stimulate you and prevent boredom setting in. This could be in a WiFi-enabled establishment where you can sit for a few hours (like a Starbucks) or even your local library. My favourite place to work at the moment is in the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris (BHVP- Pictured) near St Paul metro station in Paris. It’s a beautiful-but-not-intimidating library in a great area of Paris (the Marais district is very chic and famous for its amazing falafel joints.)

Make a Daily To Do List


This is actually my favourite tip, as I find it really helps me stay on track. Each morning I like to write down my tasks and goals for the day and get great satisfaction when I can cross them out upon completion.

Don’t forget to let me know your tips and tricks for working or studying from home effectively!


P.S: I have used all own photography for this blog post, if you wish to use any of these images please give me credit by citing my blog as the source and including a link back to the site- thank you!




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