French Pharmacy Beauty Haul


The French take their skincare as seriously as their pharmaceuticals, which is why a French pharmacy is a great place for a beauty binge. Every now and then I like to buy and top-up my favourite French skincare and beauty brands. I decided to add a few new products to my skincare routine, my purchases for this haul are:

  • The lip balm rêve de miel by NUXE | €10,10
  • A Micellar water gel make-up remover by LA ROCHE POSAY | €11,90
  • Normaderm Nuit Detox by VICHY | €16,25
  • Micellar make-up remover wipes by BARBARA GOULD | €3,38
  • A bottle of Eau Précieuse by OMEGA PHARMA | €6,99
  • The face mask Splendieuse by NUXE | €5,95
  • Hand cream by ROGER & GALLET | €6,10

Let’s take a closer look:

Rêve de miel by NUXE


Nuxe became a household name outside of France when their huile prodigieuse hit the shelves in 1991. Since then Nuxe have sold over 20 million bottles of the cult beauty product. The latest product on many beauty bloggers’ lips (quite literally) is their gorgeous honey lip balm. Nuxe have yet again given their product a name that makes it sound like it was given to us from the Gods- we have gone from ‘prodigious oil’ to a ‘honey dream’. The balm, as its name suggests, is made from honey and precious oils, with its efficacy tested in ‘extreme Canadian weather’ (hilarious). I have heard so many good things about this balm so I am dying to try it out for myself.
First Impressions: The pot has a really gorgeous design, with the matte-glass finish giving it a definite high-end feel. However, the choice of materials means that the design does not lend itself to being a portable, handbag item as it is quite heavy. The smell is ridiculously nice, a mixture of honey and lemon that could easily fool you into thinking it was edible. I also like the fact that Nuxe sponsor beehives to help protect the bees. I will definitely being doing a product review on this, so watch this space.

Gelée d’Eau Micellaire Démaquillante by LA ROCHE POSAY


La Roche Posay define themselves as “sensitive skin specialists”, which is why I chose their Micellar gel over the immensely popular Micellar water by French pharmacy favourite Bioderma. I also thought that the fact it is gel-based would make application a lot easier, as the product won’t get soaked up by cotton pads.
First Impressions: Having used a friend’s bottle previously I was really impressed with the makeup-removal power of the gel, even on my mascara. It also didn’t sting my eyes or make them puffy the next day, which can often happen to me with new products. The product doesn’t have a smell, but does make my face feel very soft and clean after use- plus you don’t have to rinse it off!

Normaderm Nuit Detox by VICHY


Wanting to spice up my night-time routine, I was looking for a miraculous product that would work wonders overnight and that is exactly what Nuit Detox promises. I wanted to try out the Vichy brand as it is reputable, being the n°1 skincare brand in European pharmacies. The fact that it minimises pores was also appealing to me. I am looking forward to seeing how it performs (and will update you accordingly!).
First Impressions: The box describes itself as “anti-imperfection clarifying care”, so I was a little confused as to what the product was going to be like, it seemed to avoid using the word “cream” anywhere on the packaging. Upon opening it I would describe the product as having an extremely light and creamy texture. I find this to be quite rare in a night-time product, as brands often opt for a heavy, more luxurious quality. There is no odor to the product, which is in line with its sensitive skin and detox branding.

Lingettes Démaquillantes d’Eau Micellaire by BARABARA GOULD


I have no idea who Barbara Gould is- but I like the way she removes makeup. I must be on at least my 3rd pack of these Micellar water wipes, so there is no need for “first impressions”. They perform well and are especially useful for those lazy skincare days (or as I like to call them: Saturday nights) where you want to remove your makeup quickly, efficiently and jump into bed. I don’t think their makeup-removal power is as good as the Micellar water, but these wipes are affordable and easy. Again, they are great for sensitive skin.

Eau Précieuse by OMEGA PHARMA


I was actually recommended this product by my French boyfriend, who swore by it during his acne-prone youth. It is apparently great to help reduce the redness of spots and remove impurities. Eau précieuse, or “precious water”, has a long history, being created in 1890 and sold as a medical product. The fact that it is still on shelves today hopefully stands as a testament to its effectiveness.
First impressions: I feel that with a name like “precious water” the packaging should be a lot more luxurious, beautiful even. The bottle has a frosted glass effect, which is interesting, but the mix of pink and green on the packaging does nothing for me. The contents are identical to water in both colour and consistency and the odor has quite a chemical quality, but it does smell fresh. I intend to use this for when I have break-outs.

Splendieuse masque by NUXE


My second Nuxe product on the list is a cloth face mask. This type of mask is something I usually associate with Korean and Japanese skincare, as the first time I used one was when I was in Kyoto last year. Slightly harder to find in Europe, I was quite excited when I saw it adorning the shelves of my local pharamcie. The last mask like this I used made my face feel very soft afterwards. Plus, they are so much easier to apply and remove than clay or peel-off masks, (the only downside being you look like something from Friday the 13th when it’s on).

Crème Mains et Ongles by ROGER & GALLET


This is the first time I have ever bought myself hand-cream, being the perpetual stocking-filler that it is I have always had one laying about. Roger & Gallet are known primarily for their fragrances, being founded as a maison de parfum in 1862. I love the scent of their products, which were once worn by the likes of Queen Victoria herself.
First impressions: The cream has a lovely texture being not too thick nor too thin, the smell is wonderfully fruity and seems to last, too! Also…I just love the deep pink packaging! This could definitely be put in your handbag for soft hands on-the-go.

I would love to hear about your favourite skincare brands (French pharmacy ones or otherwise!) Leave me a comment and I’ll check it out!


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