5 Outfit Ideas: Dress Like a Parisienne

The coveted French look that comes so naturally to girls living in l’hexagone is not as hard to adopt as one might think. Indeed, there is welcomed emphasis on simplicity that helps ease in those wanting to try out style à la française. Here are 5 outfit ideas to try out:

1. Casual/Day-to-Day

Casual Parisian

With this look black is far from boring. It is a colour that never goes out of style and will also inject some effortless cool into your wardrobe. The classic red lip is all you need to stand out from the crowd…And what is more French than a stripy top? Pair the look with some simple flats (you’ll be more than happy to abandon heels when you realise you have to get around the cobbled streets of Paris!)

2. Office Wear

Parisian Work wear

Again, the key to owning the French look is simplicity. Keep colours and cuts basic and classic. For a Parisian office look it’s always good keep the neck line high and the heels low. A pretty foulard would be a welcome addition to a French work-wear look.

3. Date Night

Parisian Date night

When it comes to dating, French style leans more towards pretty than it does sexy. Opt for a cute dress, and think legs more than cleavage. Again use basic or neutral colours paired with bright lips and nails.


4. Winter wear

Parisian Winter Wear

The trench is a staple for any French-inspired wardrobe, and Stan Smiths are also huge here in Paris at the moment, appealing to the Parisian girl’s love affair with comfy footwear. Also, legend has it that the bigger your scarf, the more French you are…

5. Summer wear

Parisian Summer wear

Finally some colour I hear you cry. In the summer, a Parisian look can move away from the infamous androgynous and edgy feel. Keep accessories simple and if you really want to be French, don’t wear a bra…


To conclude, keep it minimalist in order to get that classic chic look. But bear in mind that most important part of the look may well be the attitude…


Let me know your favourite Parisian look in the comments below!


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A London-born lifestyle blogger, obsessed with Paris. I write lifestyle posts with a French chic twist.

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